As with any business or industry, there are special words used to describe certain special issues or aspects of the hunting industry. Below are terms and an explanation that we’ve encountered in our own experience.

PH: a professional hunter who has been licensed by the African country to assist the hunter in hunting the desired species of animal.

Outfitter: an agent who represents a client/clients in procuring a hunting or photographic safari, to include airline travel, lodging and all arrangements to and from the country/countries of choice, as well as desired species to be hunted or photographed.

Game Farm or Farm: land which is stocked with animals, and managed, to be hunted or photographed.

Concession: land that is leased by an outfitter or PH which is stocked with animals to be hunted or photographed.

Bakkie: pick up truck

Dip and ship: a method to preserve the animal’s hide, skull and horns and then shipped to the taxidermist. This encompasses several steps in which the skulls are boiled, dried and “dipped” in a solution to kill all bacteria. The hides are also “dipped” in a solution and then salted for a long period of time to kill any bacteria.

Taxidermy/taxidermist: the person or company that will mount your animal.

Coto de caza: Argentine hunting farm

Escopeta: shotgun

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