Who We Are

Bwana Mbogo and Twiga

Bwana Mbogo and Twiga

Bwana Mbogo (aka Randy Senter- Bwana Mbogo means Mr. Buffalo in Swahili) was born in Texas and raised in Tanzania. The hunting bug bit him as a young boy while in Africa, and he hasn’t stopped yet! Twiga (aka Christine- Twiga means Giraffe in Swahili), who was born in Argentina and raised between Argentina and Brasil, on the other hand is a novice hunter but has discovered hunting talents she didn’t know she had!

Bwana Mbogo started Priority Safari Services in 2009 after 30 years in the oil and gas industry. When he wasn’t in the field connecting and measuring oil and gas, he was hunting dove, deer and anything else that came his way! With his love of Africa and hunting, Priority Safari Services was a natural development. He contacted several school friends, who had stayed in Africa and became professional hunters, to ask them if they wanted a US representative, and Bwana Mbogo sent them his first clients!

When Twiga became his wife, it wasn’t long before hunting in Argentina was discussed. After a scouting trip to several game farms, and Bwana Mbogo’s introduction to south american hunting, Argentine hunting was available to clients.

With Bwana Mbogo’s years of hunting experience, his knowledge of Africa, and Twiga’s novice huntress perspective and knowledge of Argentina, we can customize and book the hunt of your dreams. We would love to book your hunt in Africa or Argentina!

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