Dove hunting season is here!

For all of us who enjoy wing shooting as much or more than any other type of hunting, September 1st and the opening of dove hunting season in Texas is only 9 days away.  Hooray!  Even Rover seems to have a different tone in his bark, as he sees you cleaning out his portable kennel, and knows that he’ll finally be retrieving real birds again, instead of the plastic version.  So after a trip to your local sporting goods store to buy a case of shells, a new Yeti cooler, and stand in line for a license, head out to your local skeet or trap range to practice by powdering some clay targets.  Take your wife, son, daughter, or the whole family with you, and have a great time!  As many of you, I’m lucky to have a lovely wife who enjoys hunting, and shooting, so we have an enjoyable time together in the great outdoors … except when she shoots better.  

Here are a few tips to take with you to the field.  Good luck!

The concept of aiming is the one thing that every shooter must deal with to become a good shot.  The leading problem for inconsistent shooting is trying to get the gun ahead of the bird, and not looking at it.  Your job is to maintain focus on the target, not the gun, and adjust the gun’s speed to the bird’s speed as you merge the muzzle with the target.  When the gun’s speed is the same as the bird’s speed, the picture becomes stable, and the subconscious mind will adjust the lead, while you adjust the gun’s speed.  When you focus on seeing the target as you mount the gun, the muzzle is accepted in the picture.  By seeing the target behind the barrel first, you are no longer trying not to look at the barrel.  The gun is now ahead of the target, and you should be able to visualize seeing the target BEHIND the gun.  Stop worrying about the lead, and focus on smooth movements, as well as adjusting the gun’s speed to the bird’s speed.  HAPPY HUNTING!  Note:  If you are consistently missing birds, you are most likely shooting behind them.

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