Dove Hunting in Argentina

I’m slightly biased about Argentina. Bwana Mbogo is slightly biased about Africa. And we live in Texas! So we’re a perfectly balanced hunting couple!

When Bwana Mbogo and I first started dating, we would only see each other on the weekends because of the distance between our homes. A few months after seeing each other every weekend, much to my surprise (remember I was clueless about hunting at that time), he informed me that he wouldn’t be coming to visit me the following weekend as it was the opening of dove season. He would be traveling to south Texas to spend the weekend shooting doves. I made note of it on my checklist: “Takes weekends to go dove hunting, but is considerate enough to give me advance notice. And apologized that he couldn’t invite me to go with him as he was a himself a guest at the lodge.” Bwana Mbogo ended up being a keeper, and I became a dove widow!

Then I became a huntress and widowhood ended! And because I’m a good wife, I expanded Bwana Mbogo’s dove hunting experience by giving him access to year round dove hunting in Argentina!

That’s right, dove hunting in Argentina is year round! However, the high season (January-March) is considered the best time to hunt doves, as that’s when the sunflower crop is available. There are no bag limits or seasonal restrictions, so the dover hunter will experience high volume non-stop shooting- over 1,500 rounds daily, making Argentina a paradise for the dove hunter!

Dove shooting

The climate in Argentina makes it ideal for dove hunting. The country is generally warm and dry year round, which makes it a popular and accessible destination during any month of the year.  As experienced dove hunters know, this particular weather is ideally suited as a habitat for millions of doves, making Argentina the mecca of the dove hunting industry.

Another factor that has contributed to the popularity of dove hunting in Argentina is the country’s agriculture. The region produces a number of crops that are attractive to doves, including grain crops like sunflower, corn, sorghum, peanuts and wheat. Another factor that contributes to the massive population of doves in the area is the local roosting cover. The combination of these two factors has created a population of birds in Argentina that are a dove hunting dream.

Dove Field

To add to the dream, to recover from the hunt, the hunter will be nourished with some of the award winning Argentine wine, an ‘asado’ (barbeque) with chicken, several cuts of grass-fed beef, sweetbreads, chori-pan, morcillas, and other select meats!


With all this in Bwana Mbogo’s future, he should be a happy hunter!

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